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Application of Hidden Markov Models in Biomolecular Simulations

Book ChapterIllinois
Saurabh Shukla, Zahra Shamsi, Alexander S. Moffett, Balaji Selvam and Diwakar Shukla*
Methods in Molecular Biology, Hidden Markov Models, pp 29-41, 2017.

Elucidating Ligand-Modulated Conformational Landscape of GPCRs Using Cloud-computing Approaches.

Book ChapterIllinoisMethodsStanford
Diwakar Shukla*, Morgan Lawrenz and Vijay S. Pande
Methods in Enzymology, 557, 551-572, 2015.

Understanding the Role of Arginine and Citrate as Eluents in Affinity Chromatography.

Book ChapterMIT
D. Shukla and B. L. Trout
Developments in Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, ACS Symposium Series, Vol 1125, 67-86, 2013