Could you tell us about your background i.e. department, research interests, hometown, hobbies?

I am Moeen Meigooni, I graduated from UIUC in the spring of 2017 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. My current research involves using computers and physics to model important life processes. My research interests include predictive modeling and machine learning for chemical and biological systems. I will be returning to UIUC in the fall as a PhD student in the Biophysics department. In my free time I like to go fishing, play video games, and make music with friends.

What project you are working on this summer?

This summer, I am finishing the project I started during my senior year in the Illinois Scholars Undergraduate Research program. My project is a computational study of the conformational changes in plant proteins that lead to drought resistance. Detailed characterization of these proteins facilitates the design of agrochemicals that can allow plants to grow more efficiently in dry conditions.

What is your favorite place or activity on campus or CU?

I enjoy bowling at the Illini Union and climbing trees at the Arboretum. Some of my favorite restaurants on campus includes Woori Jib, Bangkok Thai, and Cravings.

Advice for students who want to pursue undergraduate research.

Read your professors’ research websites and published papers; find what topics interest you the most in ChBE and other departments. Then, distribute your resume far and wide. Not all research groups are always looking for new members, so do not be discouraged if you are not immediately selected by your top choice. Research experience makes a great stepping stone for internships, graduate school, and industry positions.


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