1. Could you tell us about your background i.e. department, research interests, hometown, hobbies?

I’m Faisal Aldukhi, an uprising junior at the department of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering. I came originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When I’ve free time, I enjoy running, hiking and biking.

2. What project you are working on this summer?

This summer, I’m working on designing an appropriate inhibitor for asphaltene aggregation. Specifically, I’m working on simulating and analyzing longer and larger systems of asphaltene in a high resolution.

3. What is your favorite place or activity on campus or CU?

My favorite place this summer is an ice-cream shop that I got to know accidentally when I was on a bike ride. It’s called Sidney Dairy Barn. This place is approximately 13 miles from where I live, which may sound far if you’ve live in a relativity small town, but it’s definitely worth it.

4. Advice for students who want to pursue undergraduate research.

Explore and express your interests by reading different professors website, go to research symposium, and approach the undergraduates working in the group. If some professors did not get back to you in a week or two, it’s fine. It may just mean they don’t have enough time to reply to every single email they receive. I’d recommend talking to the professor in person as it shows you’re genuinely interested.


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