Shukla Group@illinois

  • About
    The Shukla Group is located in the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

    The Shukla group is focused on developing and using novel atomistic simulation approaches for understanding complex biological processes. The key areas of current interest include understanding behavior of key cellular signaling proteins involved in cancer for drug design & development, stress and energy signaling enzymes in plants etc. If you are interested in learning more about our research and available positions, please contact us!


  • Openings
    There are positions open in our group now for Postdoc, Graduate and Undergrad students.

    Please visit our openings page for further details or contact our PI  at diwakar.shukla[at]

  • Publication
    Check out our recent publication in PNAS, Transition path theory analysis of c-Src kinase activation.

    For more information about our published work, please look at the publication page here.

  • Award
    June 2016: Prof. Shukla and Graduate student Alex Moffett feature in the list of excellent teachers and TA's respectively.

    For more information about our group news, please look at the News page here.