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    The Shukla Group is located in the department of chemical and biomolecular engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
    The Shukla group is focused on developing and using novel atomistic simulation approaches for understanding complex biological processes. The key areas of current interest include understanding behavior of key cellular signaling proteins involved in cancer for drug design & development, stress and energy signaling enzymes in plants etc. If you are interested in learning more about our research and available positions, please contact us!

Recent News

January 2018: Check out our paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry by Jiangyan Feng on “Characterizing Conformational Dynamics of Proteins Using Evolutionary Couplings.”

December 2017: Our group’s new innovator award was covered in Illinois newsChBE, and FFAR press releases.

December 2017: Check out the news article about our research paper on regulation of plant kinases, “Researchers harness the power of a supercomputer to better understand plant enzymes“.

January 2018: Chuankai Zhao and Prof. Shukla feature in the list of excellent TA’s and Teachers respectively for teaching ChBE 440 Process Control and Dynamics in Fall 2017. The course was rated in top 1% among all the courses in ChBE department and top 3% among all the courses offered at Illinois.

December 2017: Our group received the “New Innovator award in Food and Agriculture Research” from the Foundation for food and agriculture research!

December 2017: Prof. Shukla met with members of the congressional committee on Agriculture including our Illinois representative Rodney Davis (IL-13) to discuss the research on improving nitrogen use efficiency of plants being pursued in Shukla group.

December 2017: Check out our recent paper with Huber group (Plant Biology) on “Allosteric Control of a Plant Receptor Kinase through S-Glutathionylation” in Biophysical Journal. Congratulations Alex and Kyle!

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